AFAQ international Children’s Day

Tales of the World – Dreams of world

As part of our Cultural Week II we have on 22.11.2015 a special event for children: AFAQ international Children’s Day with the theme: Tales of the World dreams of the world! Come and join us on a journey through the German and international fairy tale world.

Are you between 5 and 10 years? Then ask your parents to sign up quickly! (Deadline: 11/19/2015) Children

Location: Die Brücke Wilmergasse 2, 48143 Münster

Start: 14:00

Anmdeldung under:

Tel: 0251/39475827 – 0151/19669573


• Interactive fairy tales in different languages

• Painting

• Sand Painting

• To bake

• music and dance programs … and many more surprises

This post is also available in: German Arabic

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