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The World Museum Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History

03/13/2015 17 o’clock AFAQ e.V. takes part with the project “The World at the Museum”. New Familiar images viewed. Art works from the collection are presented by people of Münster different cultures. This project provides Münster citizens from different cultures prior art collection. The museum is working with migrant associations, in Münster for cultural diversity […]

The AFAQ-junior series for Scientists and Artists

Elements of the animal ethics in Islam: Introduction and Discussion As part of our AFAQ-junior series for scientists and artists, we want to invite you to our next lecture evening under the title you “baseline of animal ethics in Islam: Introduction and discussion”. Speaker: Asmaa El-Maaroufi Date: 22/04/2015 Time: 18:00 Location: Die Brücke Wilmergasse 2, […]

AFAQ-International Traditional Ceremony International costumes ceremony

We invite you all cordially to our international costume ceremony. A folkloric journey through the wardrobe in the world with a costume show, music and culinary snacks from different countries. Exclusive Henna tattoo! Men, women and children who want to participate are welcome. Date: 13/05/2015 Time: 18:00 Location: Die Brücke Wilmergasse 2, 48143 Munster Come […]

Showing: IRAQI Odyssey

We would like to point to a screening of the film IRAQI ODYSSEY. Date: 26/09/2015 Time: 15:00 Location: Cineplex Münster The director Samir will be there and introduce the film and then be available for questions and discussion with the audience. DETAILS: www.iraqiodyssey.ch/de/ and www.facebook.com/iraqiodyssey

AFAQ-Cultural Week II

From 20 to 28 November 2015 We cordially invite you to our culture under the slogan “Experience culture – live in Peace”. This cultural week we rely on the idea of the Peace of Westphalia, the city Münster tries implement sustainable in many ways. AFAQ “e.V. sits down – the whole year – with activities […]

AFAQ international Children’s Day

Tales of the World – Dreams of world As part of our Cultural Week II we have on 22.11.2015 a special event for children: AFAQ international Children’s Day with the theme: Tales of the World dreams of the world! Come and join us on a journey through the German and international fairy tale world. Are […]

You are at home in Münster: You! You! All!

As part of the Münster weeks against racism we organize for the second time the event “In Munster at home. You! You! All!” Every month, Munster on 300 new roommates from the war zones of the world. We invite you, a you, all to a day of meetings of cultural exchange. When: Saturday, 03/12/2016 Where: […]

Intercultural Women Meeting

  We cordially invite you to our monthly Women’s Meeting on the 15th of the month. Our goals are: Socialize and learn what prospects and future through contacts between local people and newcomers women. Well arrive in independent life. To work out issues and concerns that especially women are interested in conversation with each other […]