Mission Statement

What we stand for

Our association stands for the welcoming culture in Germany and encourages cultural encounters at eye level. Our members and contributors have the common aim to promote a peaceful and respectful encounter of people of different backgrounds.

With our events and projects we want to expand the horizons and open the hearts to diversity.

AFAQ e.V. is also the place to go for people who need help since we offer unconventional and quick help, especially for refugees.

Our cooperation with different partners take us closer to our goals fast.

What we want to reach

  • Create friendships through communication
  • Feeling well received and at home in Münster
  • Peaceful community life
  • Bring together religions: appreciation of diversity
  • Present chances and encourage talents
  • See the changes in Münster as a chance to expand horizons

How we want to reach it

  • Voluntary work as the key to success: refugees help refugees
  • Turn tolerance into acceptance
  • Sustainable measures
  • Being present and close
  • Raising awareness of individual responsibilities
  • Cultural events to get to know each other


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