Members of the association AFAQ e.V. in Münster are characterized by having different nationalities. Therefore, it requires a close and coordinated cooperation to present this variety toward german and other contact persons appropriately. We strive for actively helping approach and communicate within different cultures in order to intensify intercultural and social collaboration. Knowledge, competences, potentials and experiences of our members in all different areas of life contribute to achieving the above goals. Association´s purposes are mainly financed by membership fees, donations and own activities of the association.

§ 1

Name, Location and Language

(1) The name of the Association shall be “AFAQ e.V. Verein für kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Zusammenarbeit.”

(2) The Association is located in Münster, Germany.

(3) Fiscal year is the calendar year.

(4) The official languages are German, Arabic and English. They are present in any meeting, event and activity. To simplify the communication in meetings and events, the most common language is spoken. It will be ensured, that any present member will understand the most imporant contributions.

(5) The charter will be written in German and will be composed in the founding Assembly. In case of disput, the German version will be valid.

(6) The Association is registered in the Amtsgericht Münster.

§ 2

Association’s purpose

The purposes of our association as a non-party and non-governmental organization are:

  • Promotion of international sentiment – and understanding
  • Promotion of education
  • Support of refugees, victims of persecution and victims of war

Our association’s purposes are particularly realized through:

  1. Public cultural and literary events and literature series, organization of meetings and congresses with thematic priorities of integration
  2. Offering linguistic education for refugees/migrants to improve their educational and/or employment situation
  3. Promotion of support for political, ethnical or religious persecuted, expellees, migrants and victims of war through: Applications and appointments with lawyer, doctor and health insurance as well

• in questions of residency and visa,
• with searching for apartments and work,
• with the authorities (social welfare office, job center, immigration office)
• with questions about education (kindergarten, school career, further education)
• provision of suppliments for primary schools and day care centers, afternoons with families, collecting donations
4. support of creative and gifted minds, as far as they are beneficial for the purpose of the association such as schoolarships, awards etc.
5. cooperations with domestic and foreign associations as well as with international associations and organisations supporting the purpose of international understanding and scientific and cultural exchange
§ 3
Public benefit
(1) The association exclusivly follows publicly benefitial goals and charitable purposes fully in line with the article “Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke” in accordance with § 51 AO. The association has no economic buisness and does not pursue in the first place own financial purposes.
(2) The financial means of the association shall only be used for statutory purposes and no person may be benefited by disproportionaly high remuneration.The members do not recieve grants from the financial means of the association for their activities in the association, if necessary solely a reimbursement of expenses.
§ 4
(1) Admission
1. Every person of age that is legally resident in Germany, approves and supports the associations goals can apply in written form for the membership.
2. The board decides upon the admission with 30 days after having recieved the written application.
(2) Termination of the membership
1. The membership end through resignation, exclusion, death or if the member is removed from the membership list by the board due to being in arrears of the membership payment despite recieving a reminder of overdue.
2. An exclusion decided by the board due to perservering violations against the charter and/ or the aims of the association as well as the decisions of the associations organs. Objection against the exclusion can be raised at the general meeting within one month.
3. The resignation must be explained to the board in written form. The resignation is effective immediatly.
4. Repayments will not be made.
(3) Honorary members
Every individual or juristical person (association, foundation, etc.) supporting the association in a special way, can become a honorary member. Application for a honorary membership need to be made in written form and are approved by the board. Honorary members can not run for board, though they can work in the commitees with full voting right.
§ 5

Association’s organs

The association is composed of the General Assembly, the General Board and the Board according to § 26 BGB (representation)

  1. The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association and consists of all the members. It must be convened at least once a year by the General Board with a written and timely invitation and appropriate agenda. The first Chairman is the Chairman of the meeting.
  1. The General Assembly has a quorum if more than half of the members (50% + 1 person) are present. In any case of absence of quorum, the invitation to the General Assembly can be simultaneously followed by a second invitation beginning thirty minutes later – regardless of the number of members present. Each member has a non-transferable vote.
  2. The General Assembly is in charge of Statutes or amendments to the Articles of Association, opposition decisions in the event of exclusion and dissolution of the association with 2/3 majority as well as the guidelines and the amount of membership fees by a simple majority. Executive board´s exoneration takes place with simple majority (50% + 1 person). Statutory amendments, required by supervisory, judicial or financial authorities – exclusively for formal reasons of association registration – may be made by the entire Management Board on its own initiative. Any amendments must be firstly pass on to all the club members and subsequently submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
  3. Protocols and resolutions of the General Assembly are made in writing and are signed by the chairman and the first chairman or vice chairman.

The General Board is composed of:

  1. a) the Chairman
  2. b) the Vice-Chairman
  3. c) 5 fellow Members

It is permitted, that the Financial Officer can be the Chairman at the same time as long as the 5 fellow Members attend the General Board.

The General Board is responsible for the execution of its decisions and for the financial affairs of the Association. The General Board Members are selected by the General Assembly for the period of two years. In case of a third ballot, the majority decides. The members of the General Board remain in function until the following General Assembly, where the new election takes place.

In case of a withdrawal of an General Board Member, the remaining members are allowed to commission another member, who temporarily is responsible for the activities. The temporarily General Board Member has to be elected in the following General Assembly.

The General Board meets at least once a month. It is quotable when the majority is present. The General Board resolves by a simple majority. In the event of a tie note, the Chairman decides. The Board has to prepare the General Assembly.

2.) The Board, according to § 26 BGB, are the Chairman and the Vice Chairman. They represent the Association both in and out of court.

(1) The associations revenues shall consist of membership fees, donations, public contribution and revenues following operational purposes from its activities.
(2) The general assembly decides on the membership fee in a seperate contribution order every year.
(3) Donations shall only be recieved with the boards authorization.
(4) Tax reducing donation reciets can only be issued by financial officer respecting the german tax law and have to be signed by the chairman or his deputy.
(5) Public contributions have to be administered according to the regulations of the german financial regulations and management conditions.
(6) Revenues and expenses following operational purposes need to be listed seperatly and dealt with according to the german Value Added Tax Act.
§ 7
(1) The association can dissipate when decided by the general assembly with two thirds of the valid votes. The request on dissolution has to be explicitly mentioned in the invite for the general meeting.
(2) In case of dissolution the assets of the association are transferred to the “Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (DPWV)”located in Berlin, after deduction of the expenses of dissolution. The DPWV has to use these means immediatly and soley for charitable purposes.


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